SEHON Innovative Painting Systems and Paint Spraying Booths


Innovative Painting Systems and  Paint Spraying Booths

For over 35 years, SEHON, one of the leading international manufacturers in modern industrial coating and drying technologies, has been developing and producing highly innovative,custom-tailored Spraying Booths and  Painting Systems for industrial use and automotive industry ( passenger and utility vehicles, buses and railway vehicles).

As a key factor to its success , SEHON provides a full package that includes: customised hi-tech energy-optimised Painting Systems, detailed planning and expert advice , perfect assembly and a reliable after sales service. Our Painting Systems are a perfect solution not only for new developments but also for conversions and upgrades of paint shops. At SEHON: customisation comes standard.

Painting Systems and Paint Spray Booths for All Sizes and Specifications

With a passion for excellency, SEHON designs and builds Painting Systems and Spraying Booths for all sizes of passenger and utility vehicles, for railway vehicles and for large components in machinery production and robotics.

SEHON can provide you with perfectly equipped universal bays for vehicle preparation.This original multifunction bays (work preparation, painting, drying and finishing all in one) are a key factor for time and cost-saving refinishing.

SEHON also provides the first professional spot repair bay, which can be easily integrated and retrofitted into an existing plant without subsurface measures.

The SEHON, new generation drive-in gates and inter-gates are transparent (made of glass ) and offer a high standard of safety and thermal insulation.

Energy-Saving and Process-Optimized Painting Systems and Spraying Booths

In order to make your paint shop more effective and environmental friendly as well as more economical, SEHON will provide you with cost reducing solutions for new or existing Painting Systems and Spraying Booths. SEHON innovations like ÖCOTOP, ÖCOPLUS, AIRMASTER and AIRPLUS, for efficient heat recovery and airflow control provide significant time and energy savings.

As a general procedure, whether a new development or an expansion, conversion,retrofit or an upgrade of an existing one, SEHON will analyse together with you, based on your needs and exigencies which products are suitable for you. No matter if you need a new painting system or you want to convert or upgrade an existing one, with SEHON you will get the highest technology, based on your wishes and specifications, for the best price, outstanding consulting and complete service from A to Z.